Welcome to GreatGages.com


Welcome to GreatGages.com

GreatGages.com is a division of Gaging & Software Technologies, Inc. and the first company in the industry to make Gage to PC Interface Kits available.  We specialize in offering precision measuring equipment from leading manufacturers, including Mitutoyo, Starrett, Fowler, Brown & Sharpe, INSIZE, Ono Sokki, and SPI.  Along with providing the correct measuring equipment, we also distribute data collection hardware and SPC software, specifically MeasurLink from Mitutoyo and QC-CALC from ProLink.  

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We pride ourselves on making it easy to buy the best precision measuring equipment in the world.  Our Gage to PC Interface Kits include some of our most popular gages, as well as the hardware accessories that are necessary to get that data into a PC software like MS Excel.  If you are looking to use a caliper, micrometer, or any number of other hand tools and send that data directly into Excel, we carry a variety of packages that will do just that.  These particular packages take the incoming data and convert it into what MS Windows recognizes as keyboard entry.  No matter what software you are using, whether it be MS Excel, or an SPC software like QC-CALC or MeasurLink, the data is placed wherever your cursor is, just as if you typed it in from a keyboard.  No extra software to purchase, and no code to write.  Our products are simple, functional, and the best value available.  

At GreatGages.com, our expertise extends beyond the products we supply.  We also carry the knowledge and experience to be able to offer our client’s on-site installation and training services.  Whether you are a new user, new customer or just looking to update your existing data process, our on-site services can be your solution to a successful and seamless data collection system.

For more information, please contact us at (951) 780-4233 or send us an email at [email protected].  We’d love to assist you for all of your gaging and software technology needs.  


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Wireless gage Interfaces Gage to PC Interface Packages QC-CALC SPC Software

Granite Surface PlatesGranite Surface Plates

Plates, Stands, and Indicator Stands.

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CMM Stylus & ExtensionsCMM Stylus

Ruby Tips, M2 & M3 Threads

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Digital Length GageDigital Length Gages

60" & 120" measuring ranges

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Laser Scan MicrometersLaser Scan Micrometers

Complete line from Mitutoyo

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Surface Roughness TestersSurface Roughness Testers

Mitutoyo, SPI & Fowler

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Toolmaker's MicroscopeToolmaker's Microscopes

Plus USB Camera Accessory Kits

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On Site Services Gaging & Software Technologies, Inc. offers on-site installation and training services for customers using GE Fanuc's VisualSPC / Proficy ShopFloor SPC software as well as Mitutoyo's MeasurLink software. Whether you are a new user, a new customer, or just looking to update your existing data collection system, our on-site services can be your solution to a successful data collection system.